Making it Fair

Welcome to Making it Fair, a podcast brought to you by the Canadian Council of Parliamentary Ombudsman.

This podcast is all about fairness in public administration. We’ll dive deep into why fairness matters, and find out how Ombudsman with special expertise in resolving complaints can make things that are wrong, right.

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The Need for Quick Action as the Pandemic Raged

Episode 6

The Need for Quick Action as the Pandemic Raged

In this episode, the Deputy Ombudsperson at the Québec Ombudsman’s office, Hélène Vallières, discusses with Julianne Pleau, Advisory Delegate for Special Investigations and Mandates, the Québec Ombudsman’s investigation into how the first wave of COVID-19 was handled in residential and long-term care centres. It was an investigation that made waves when it was released in Québec in the fall of 2021 – and the repercussions continue to be felt today. (In French only)


The Fundamental Question

When a rural Saskatchewan couple thought their $700 ambulance bill was unfair, they had trouble getting an answer that made sense to them. In this episode, Rob Walton and Harry Walker of the Saskatchewan Ombudsman’s office talk about the fundamental question that had not been addressed and how a non adversarial approach led to the answer.


Episode 5 - The Fundamental Question

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“No” is Never a Complete Sentence

Episode four comes to us from Alberta where Diann Bowes and Chad Bouman join host, Lindsay Sellinger to talk about the shift from commonsense models for decision making to standardized tools. A video related to the podcast, can also be found on the Alberta Ombudsman’s YouTube channel here.


Fairness: A New Frontier

In this episode Colette Langlois, the Northwest Territories’ first Ombud, speaks with former MLA Wendy Bisaro about the long road to establishing an Ombud’s office in the NWT.


Episode 3 - Fairness: A New Frontier

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A Bid for Fairness

This episode focuses on an investigation conducted by British Columbia Ombudsperson Jay Chalke, detailing the story of a vulnerable 60-year-old woman who lost her home after it was sold unfairly by a municipality.


Episode 2 - A Bid for Fairness

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Lost Opportunities

In this episode, Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé discusses his latest report – which found that government officials’ overreliance on secrecy in planning the abrupt closure of two youth custody and detention programs in Northern Ontario last year came at a price.

Episode 1 - Lost Opportunities

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